Your privacy is important for us. This privacy policy explains what personal information we collect from you and how we use it. We encourage you to read the summaries below. This privacy policy is valid for all Borregaard web pages, including and other related Borregaard pages (hereafter called web pages).

1. Collection of data: what type of data do we collect?

When you give your active consent to us, we at Borregaard (data controller) will collect and analyse personal data to be able to;

  • Construct a profile of you with the goal of better understanding how we can send you information that’s valuable to you
  • Improve and develop the information and offers available for you at our web pages
  • Store personal data in order for us to understand a historical context relating to the business relationship
  • Construct profiles to be able to identify customers
  • Provide customer service

The information we collect includes the following:

  • Basic information like your name, position and title, employer, and contact details (e-mail and phone)
  • Information on the customer relationship: marketing permissions, historical orders and contact with customer support
  • Information relating to your use of our technical platforms (all Borregaard digital channels), like what device (PC/phone/tablet), IP address, operating system, web browser, screen size etc.)
  • Position within the company
  • Information of your activity on our web pages, including web browser configuration and IP address

You are not forced to place personal information at our digital platforms, but if you do not you may find a reduced number of our services available to you.

Our channels are not meant for, nor targeting children under the age of 13. We are not consciously storing any person data on children under the age of 13, if you believe we do so please contact our contact person (see “what choices do you have about your personal data” for more information).

2. How do we collect information (navigational information)?


On our web pages, we collect information through the use of “cookies” if you give your active consent. These are small files of text placed on your computer when you enter our web pages, we can only retrieve your IP address with cookies. (See more information on cookies in section 9).

Submission forms

Throughout the web platforms of Borregaard (data controller), the web pages, we also collect information based on submission forms. These forms are voluntary to fill out, but if you do not want to give a way information in these forms, your ability to download certain information from our web pages may be limited.

Examples of these forms are:

  • Contact forms at website
  • Downloading documents and viewing of videos
  • Signing up for webinars or other activities
  • Subscribing to our newsletter

Log files

We may also collect information through log files. This is information related to your operating system, software, and your visit on our web sites. Examples of these are:

  • Web browser
  • IP address
  • Domain name
  • Internet provider
  • Set of files (HTML sites, graphics)
  • Operating system
  • Access time
  • The site from which you entered Borregaard web pages 

3. How do we use the information we collect?

Borregaard uses the collection of data with the purpose of storing it, constructing a profile on you, and analysing your personal data to provide better services to you. This can include the following:

Deliver services to you
Delivering content when you have required it, for example through e-mail when you have signed up for our newsletters

  • E-mail newsletters
  • E-mail webinar sign-up
  • E-mail news information
  • E-mail with downloads available
  • Web page downloads based on our analysis of your data
  • Identification of customers
  • Invoicing
  • Customer service 

Development and analysis

We are processing your personal data to develop and improve our services and our digital channels

Sales & Marketing

  • Creating target groups for marketing purposes
  • Personalizing your experience on our web pages through delivering targeted content at designated times on our web pages
  • Creating target groups for our marketing
  • Marketing activities, like newsletters and other direct marketing efforts when this is given an active consent to by you or allowed for by the applicable law
  • Conduct analysis against social channels to be able to communicate with you on these channels
  • Market and marketing analyses 

Compliance with law

  • We are processing personal data when required by applicable laws, for instance accounting and providing of information when required by authorities

Security of information and misuse of services

  • We may process personal data to ensure increased security in our digital channels. We may also process personal data to unveil misuse or misconduct on our digital channels

Other purposes

  • We can also use other data you provide to us, given that you have given your direct consent.

4. What choices do you have about your personal information?

You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Know what personal data we have stored on you
  • Require that wrong, unnecessary data, lacking data or out of date information is corrected or removed
  • Opt out and withdraw your active consent (please note that this action may limit our ability to provide our full services to you)
  • Deactivate collection of data by Google Analytics

Our goal is to give you simple and meaningful choices over your information. If you have given us personal information, you can contact us at if you want to do one or more of the following:

  • Opt-out of any information update service from Borregaard
  • Erase your personal data stored within our system
  • Receive the personal data we have stored on you in our system

You can also choose to send us a written notification by letter to:

  • Borregaard AS
    Hjalmar Wesselsvei 6
    1721 Sarpsborg
    Att: Stefan Omvik, Marketing Manager 

5. We never sell your personal information

When you give your active consent to this privacy policy, you give Borregaard (data controller) acceptance for sharing personal information with its business partners. This is limited to the distributors of Borregaard (data controller). The information shared are e-mail address, phone number, name, position and company, and the profiling we have constructed of you. This is to enable our business partners to provide better service to you and to better provide sufficient customer and customer prospect support.

Borregaard (data controller) will not be sharing your personal data to third parties that are not business partners of the company. Borregaard (data controller) will neither selling the personal information to third parties, only store it for analytical purposes, communication purposes and profile building purposes.

6. How do we make changes to this policy?

When we do changes to our privacy policy, we will notify you in the following ways:

  • By sending you an e-mail with information about the update and asking for your active consent
  • By providing you with information when you are visiting our website, asking for your active consent 

7. How, and how long do we store information on you?

Borregaard (data controller) collects, store, and analyse (build profiles) within our HubSpot marketing automation system. By giving your active consent to our privacy policy you also consent to the transferring of the personal data to HubSpot’s servers in the United States of America. To make sure that we comply with legislation on storing on personal data of EU citizens outside of the EU, we take extraordinary measures through own agreements (data processing agreements).

We are storing the personal data for the period of time it takes to fulfil the tasks in section 3.

The data is stored as long as you have an active relation to us, meaning; being a customer, have agreed to receive marketing information from us, actively engaged with us on social channels, digital platforms or digital forms. The relationship is deemed active if it has been so within the last 24 months.

8. Security of your personal information

Our web pages are encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), ensuring that personal information you provide us with on these web pages are secured. The security measures also include protected software systems, protected hardware and offices and personnel. We are actively doing risk analyses with subsequent risk mitigations if necessary.

9. Cookies & Similar Technologies

Borregaard (data controller) may use cookies (small text files placed on a device's hard disk by a web service) or similar technologies. For example, cookies and similar technologies such as web beacons may be used to store a user's preferences and settings, to gather web analytics, to authenticate users, and to detect fraud. In addition to the cookies Borregaard (data controller) may set when you visit Borregaard (data controller) web sites, third parties that we have hired to provide certain services on our behalf, such as site analytics, may also set cookies when you visit these web sites. To learn more about how to control cookies and similar technologies, please see your Internet browser's documentation. You can always choose to accept or decline the use of cookies on our web pages. Choices you make regarding the use of cookies may impact your use of our sites.

Our web sites may contain links to external web sites. If you click these and manoeuvre external web sites (not Borregaard web sites), it is the privacy policy of the external web sites which is valid. Borregaard encourages you to familiarise yourself with such policies.

10. Disclosure of Data

Borregaard (data controller) will not disclose your personal data outside of Borregaard (data controller) or its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates except (1) as you direct, (2) as described here or in your agreement(s) or (3) as required by law.

Borregaard (data controller) will not disclose your personal data to law enforcement unless required by law. Should law enforcement contact Borregaard (data controller) with a demand for your personal data, Borregaard (data controller) will attempt to redirect the law enforcement agency to request that data directly from you. If compelled to disclose your personal data to law enforcement, then Borregaard (data controller) will promptly notify you and provide you a copy of the demand unless legally prohibited from doing so.

Upon receipt of any other third-party request for your personal data (such as requests from customer's end users), Borregaard (data controller) will promptly notify you unless prohibited by law.  If Borregaard (data controller) is not required by law to disclose your personal data, Borregaard (data controller) will reject the request.  If Borregaard (data controller) is compelled to disclose the requested information, Borregaard (data controller) will attempt to redirect the third party to request your personal data from you.

Except as customer directs, Borregaard (data controller) will not provide any third party: (1) direct, indirect, blanket or unfettered access to your personal data; or (2) any kind of access to your personal data if Borregaard (data controller) is aware that such data is used for purposes other than those stated in the request.